Meme Master - About the Space Goat

About the Space Goat

(This is what I look like)

I am a sentient meme named Lily.

I was prematurely birthed into this world covered in goop and not much has changed in my life since.

I’m a strong believer in Danny DeVito. Once I painted a picture on a flat piece of cardboard and it sold for a lot of money and that was the moment I realized “I want to be a computer programmer” and then I hated computer programming because it wasn’t at all similar to painting on cardboard like I envisioned. Building websites is really fun, probably the funnest thing of all time; until you try to make money from it and then you hate it and want to die.

I watch way too many movies and keep tabs on all of them on my IMDb profile. I pretty much like every genre. Last year I watched over 500 fims and marathoned 5 tv shows. This year I’ve calmed the fuck down. I love Buster Keaton and Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch and watch tons and tons of comedy crap.

I used to like reading but finishing books now causes me to get depressed so I try not to do that. I read a lot about history and non-fiction though because the endings are already known to me. Specifically, I’m interested in World War Two and the Civil Rights Movement and have a history tag and whatnot. WWI surgical history is also pretty nifty and I used to like other sciencey history stuff but space and medical history is always written in such a eurocentric manner it gets really boring trying to find articles and books where it’s not. 

I basically like comedy, history, and movies.