Meme Master 9000 - The new Ann Rule meme is fabulous omfg Reading...

The new Ann Rule meme is fabulous omfg

Reading her true crime novels are just the best things ever, I swear she went home each night and thought to herself "Ted Bundy only likes girls with brown hair and that is why he never dated me - FRIENDZONED!!" and totally disregards the fact his victims were very vulnerable at the time they were kidnapped. No, it was obviously their hairstyle!!

And the way she describes the attractive females of court cases as being similar to groupies, instead of just accepting the fact they are into true crime is great omfg.

The poor woman had such a hard on for Bundy, but was too ugly and judgemental to ever get laid by him.

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    Hahahahah couldn’t agree more! She wanted the Bundy dick lol Makes me laugh, omfg.
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