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A Quick History on the Men Behind the Atrocities of WWII
(And why you shouldn’t make Hitler out to be a poor failed artist)

So I have realized Tumblr is great at pointing out the problems of the Holocaust and directing them all over the place instead of focusing on Hitler because it "wasn’t entirely his fault" and "he was a great and smart man, even if he was a genocide causing dictator" and “There were men much worse than him in the Nazi Party!!1!”. Well these arguments are all technically right and wrong, but mainly wrong.

Adolf Hitler wasn’t a “smart” man. He was incredibly headstrong and very determined for power, but success does not equate overall intelligence (ex: any politician ever). He tried to get into politics illegally by getting rid of the government, he failed. After jail he gained fame in the German Workers’ Party with his talent at speaking by spreading extreme antisemitic and anti communist propaganda; and was then appointed chancellor (the head of the government) by the President of Germany pretty much entirely off of that. When President Hindenburg died the same year, 1934, Hitler appointed himself to president while also keeping the position of the chancellor. This made him the Führer. This is a very important point: Hitler gave himself absolute power and had the final say in ALL decisions from his Nazi Party. Therefore the argument “he wasn’t entirely to blame” is wrong, as a fascist dictator every decision made within his party was ultimately his.

Now we have the man people mainly like to pin the blame of the Holocaust on, Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was the brains behind the concentration camps, he was the head of the Schutzstaffel (SS) and was appointed two positions; Chief of the German Police and Minister of the Interior. This made him fully in charge of every police and security force in Germany, including the Gestapo. And who appointed this man to have complete control over every internal and external force? WHY HITLER DID, OF COURSE! Hitler gave Himmler the power to go about and start up the SS to be powerful and corrupt and while following the orders of Hitler he began creating and controlling the concentration camps. So yes, Himmler was an evil man, arguably equal to or even more than Hitler. But all of Himmler’s power, all his actions, and all his atrocities were solely from Hitler giving the man so much authority. And while the idea behind the camps were from Himmler, it was Hitler who ordered him to set out and do it, and he did, because Himmler was a real dick.

So before pointing out how human of a man Hitler was because you saw a picture of him holding the hands of the little girl Helga Goebbels (whose father was Joseph Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda who was greatly antisemitic) or because you saw gifs of him hitting on Eva Braun (one of five of his girlfriends who attempted/committed suicide), remember he banged his niece and wanted to exterminate every single race he thought was less superior, he didn’t even fit the guidelines to the humans he thought were supreme. And before pointing out how intelligent he was or how great of a leader he was, remember him and his party failed so badly that the only course of action available was to kill themselves.

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